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Chapter 25: The Republicn Revolution
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Section 1: Reagan Comes to Power
Iran Hostage Crisis:
A comprehensive resource for information on the Iran Hostage Crisis. This Web site features a clearly written analysis of the political situation in Iran that resulted in the hostage situation. It also describes the political consequences of the incident for President Carter and recounts his attempts to resolve the matter. The site includes photographs of the hostages and of Khomeini as well as links to the CIA.
Web site by: Craig L. Gordon
The 1980 Election
Detailed coverage of the 1980 presidential election is available by scrolling down the page. This site includes information about the candidates and their campaigns. It also provides the election results and offers an analysis of those results.
Web site by: The American President
Star Wars
An update on the current status of the “Star Wars” missile-defense system. This site gives a brief synopsis of the proposed Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and recounts the military’s failure to achieve its goals in regard to the SDI.
Web site by: Union of Concerned Scientists
Poland’s Solidarity:
The transcript of an October 8, 1997, interview by The Newshour’s Jim Lehrer with Dean Murphy, an American journalist. This interview describes life in Poland after the end of communist rule. It also discusses the status of the Solidarity movement.
Web site by: PBS Online
The CIA in Latin America:
An annotated collection of primary- and secondary-source documents related to U.S. involvement in Latin America. Documents with broader relevance include excerpts taken from CIA training manuals used to train Latin American militaries. The excerpt from Commandos: The CIA and Nicaragua’s Contra Rebels is a valuable source of information on the U.S. involvement in the war against the Sandinistas.
Web site by: National Security Archive
Section 2: Reagan's Second Term
The Grenada Invasion:
The history of Operation Urgent Fury, President Reagan’s 1983 military invasion of Grenada. This Web site presents a comprehensive set of links about the operation. Included are the history of the operation, first-person accounts, official documents from the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and CNN video footage.
Web site by: Special Operations.Com
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
A look at the life and career of Supreme Court Justice O'Connor, with related links.
Web site by: National Women's Hall of Fame
Justice O’Connor’s Legal Opinions:
A source for the texts of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s written opinions. Readers interested in learning more about the justice’s legal interpretations can consult the site’s links, which have been categorized according to whether they are concurring or dissenting opinions.
Web site by: Cornell University Law School
The INF Treaty:
An in-depth analysis of the negotiations that eventually resulted in the INF Treaty between the Soviet Union and the United States. This essay describes the political maneuvering involved in the INF Treaty negotiations and explains what has happened to the implementation of the treaty since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The site includes a link to the complete text of the treaty.
Web site by: U.S. State Department
Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty:
A description of the historical significance of the INF Treaty. This site offers an array of photographs as well as links to fact sheets on INF inspections.
Web site by: U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Section 3: Bush and Life in the 1980s
The Challenger Explosion
A well-organized, comprehensive series of links related to the Challenger disaster. Included are video as well as audio footage of the explosion, access to a myriad of photographs, analysis of the incident, and editorial accounts of its cultural impact on American society.
Web site by: Federation of American Scientists
NASA and the Challenger
NASA’s official account of the Challenger launch and explosion. This site presents a highly technical description of the incident but also includes links to helpful explanatory diagrams and definitions of some of the terms.
Web site by: NASA/Kennedy Space Center
George Bush
A biography of former president George Bush. This site includes information about Bush’s personal life as well as his political career. It also has several photographs that show the former president at different stages of his life.
Web site by: Bush Presidential Library and Museum
The Berlin Wall
A resource for learning more about the history of the Berlin Wall. This Web site presents a vast assortment of photographs of the Wall during various stages of its history. The photographs taken of the Wall during the 1960s are particularly interesting.
Web site by: Heiko Burkhardt
Tiananmen Square:
A valuable source of information about the Tiananmen Square massacre. This reading expands on the events leading up to the massacre and provides a chronological account of the incident.
Web site by: Networked Multimedia Information Services
The Gulf War:
A superb collection of annotated photographs taken by U.S. military personnel during the war. The site offers gripping, well-written entries from a wartime journal kept by a U.S. Army captain.
Web site by: R. A. Hoskinson
Operation Just Cause:
A collection of links with information on Operation Just Cause, the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989 to arrest General Manuel Noriega. Follow the “Operation Just Cause Mission Profile” link for a detailed synopsis of the invasion and photographs.
Web site by: Special Operations.Com
The Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearings:
An excellent source of information on the hearings for the confirmation of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. This site includes the text of President Bush’s nomination speech for Thomas and a complete transcript of the subsequent hearings.
Web site by: Yitna Firdyiwek
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