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Holt Spanish Para hispanohablantes
In classes with non-native speakers
Holt's ¡Ven conmigo! Spanish series supports native speaker's continued development of Spanish...
by promoting awareness of cultural heritage
Chapters set in Spanish-speaking areas of the United States
Click here to see a list of the locations where chapters are set in Levels 1, 2, and 3.
PDF file: 9k download
Interviews with Spanish speakers on cultural topics
Every chapter has interviews on a cultural topic with video, audio, and CD-ROM support. This link takes you to a page from Level 2, Chapter 10.
PDF file: 1MB download
Family and community link activities
These projects, found in the Teacher's Edition, strengthen students' ties to the bilingual community while developing language skills. Click here to try a project from Level 3, Chapter 4.
PDF file: 867k download
by encouraging language acquisition
Literary selections by U.S. and Non-U.S. Spanish speakers
¡Ven conmigo! provides so much literature for students-from legends and myths to stories by Matute. Click here to download an excerpt from Esmeralda Santiago's Cuando era puertorriqueña with reading activities.
Tambien se puede decir and A lo nuestro features
Click here to see examples of these features that validate the use of regionally specific vocabulary.
PDF file: 1.4MB download
Annotated Teacher Edition suggestions
A variety of suggestions in every chapter gives suggestions for alternative activities for native speakers- and ideas on how to incorporate their unique experiences into the classroom. Try some of the suggestions listed at this link.
PDF file: 1.9MB download
by providing for individual learner's needs
Diagnostic Exam
Click here to see the instructions for the diagnostic exam that allows you to determine the needs of each Spanish speaker.
PDF file: 748k download
Formal usage and pronunciation guidelines and activities
Click here to see usage activities from Level 1, Chapter 9 and Level 3, Chapter 3.
PDF file: 672k download
Speaking and listening activities that correlate to the theme of the chapter
This link takes you to the listening and speaking activities for Level 2, Chapter 5.
Additional reading and writing practice geared to the abilities of the learner
This link takes you to a reading and writing task from Level 3, Chapter 6.

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