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Looking for a literature-based program for your Spanish speaker classes? Holt's Encuentros Spanish series has what you're looking for...
Wonderful literary selections from around the world
Encuentros, Curso de introducción
Click here to see the table of contents of the first book in the Encuentros series.
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Encuentros, Primer curso
Click here to see the table of contents of the second book.
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Encuentros, Segundo curso
This link takes you to the table of contents for the third book in the Encuentros series.
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Pre-reading, reading, and post-reading activities for each reading selection
Reading selection
Click here to read about Don Quijote’s famous battle against the "giants" he encounters while searching for his beloved Dulcinea.
Pre-reading and post-reading activities
Click here to see the variety of reading activities that accompany the story of Don Quijote.
Process writing assignments
Creative Process Writing Activities
Following each collection, you fill find a creative writing activity that takes your students step by step through the writing process. Here’s an example of an autobiographical assignment.
Language and grammar usage explanations
Literary terms
Literary terms are defined and modeled in the Elementos de literatura section. Read about cuentos populares, fábulas, and leyendas here.
Grammar usage summmary
Lengua y literatura sections include grammar and vocabulary presentations, additional writing tips, and exercises to help students improve their writing style. Guía del lenguaje icons alert students to grammar explanations in the reference section.
Motivating features that promote cultural awareness and pride in the heritage of Spanish speakers
Author profiles
Each literature selection is accompanied by a profile of the author. Click here to read the profile of Esmeralda Santiago, who immigrated to the United States at the age of thirteen. Her life experiences are the basis of her writing about her native Puerto Rico and her life in New York City.
Interdisciplinary pages
Throughout each book you’ll find cultural essays with photographs and activities that allow students to explore various aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures. Here you can find an Escena cultural about culinary traditions in Latin America.

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