Algebra 2
Lesson 2.3 Introduction to Functions

Too Many People
The world’s population is growing rapidly. As the number of people on the planet increases, there is an increase in resource depletion, pollution, health risks, poverty, and other problems. The problem of population growth can be modeled by the mathematics in this chapter.
Internet Activity
Activity 2.3
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Why Population Matters
Many organizations are concerned with population growth and its associated problems. This site is sponsored by one such organization, Population Action International. You can find an interesting discussion of population problems here.
Total Midyear Population for the World
At this site, the U.S. Bureau of the Census has posted data on total world population each year from 1950 to now and projections from now until 2050.
World Population Growth
This site provides information and examples on how human population growth occurs. For the activity, you will need to look at the graph halfway down the page in the section titled "The Population of the World".
Historical National Population Estimates
At this site, the U.S. Bureau of the Census has posted data on the total U.S. population each year from 1900 to a recent year.
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