Solving Equations

The Algebra Tiles tool has two modes. To switch between these modes, use the arrow in the upper right corner of the tool window.

Model/Solve an Equation Mode

In this mode, use tiles to represent two expressions, then set them equal to create an equation.

Solve a Given Equation Mode

This mode provides ready-to-solve equations. The tiles are set up, and the sides are already set equal. Choose from 1-step equations, 2-step equations, and equations with the variable on both sides by using the buttons below the work area.

An equation is solved by isolating the variable, that is, by getting one positive x-tile alone on a side of the work area.

There are several operations that are useful for solving equations with Algebra Tiles.

Addition and Subtraction:


To model dividing both sides by a number:
For example, to solve 3x = 6: The work area shows 1 x-tile on the left and 2 unit tiles on the right The readout shows the solution x = 2.

Checking Your Solution:

When you have isolated the variable, click "Check Solution" to see if your solution is correct.