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Welcome to the Holt Environmental Science go.site. Here you will find worksheets, activities, and reference materials that you can use to extend your study of environmental science. As you work through your course, visit the chapter pages to find a variety of resources designed to provide support for understanding difficult concepts in the chapter. Other resources extend, enrich, and apply science topics to the real world, providing opportunities to challenge your thinking and further develop an interest in science.

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For the Teacher
Are you teaching this class? Click here to find materials that will help you use the Internet to further enrich your classroom activities.
For the Student
Follow this link to find resources that will make your study of chemistry more rewarding and enjoyable.
Online Resources
Click here to find links to SciLinks, CNN Student News, and RiverDeep. These online resources are designed to help you get the most out of your textbook.
Reference Materials
Click here to find handy science reference information at your fingertips.

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