Holt, Rinehart and Winston
SciencePlus, Level Red
Components List
Pupilís Edition

Annotated Teacherís Edition

Teaching Resources

    o Unit Booklets 1-8
    o Materials Guide
    o Videodisc Resources
    o Assessment Item Listing

Holt Science and Technology Science Skills Worksheets

Holt Science and Technology Math Skills for Science

Holt Science and Technology Science Fair Guide

Professional Development Strategies

Holt Science Skills Workshop: Reading in the Content Area, PE

Holt Science Skills Workshop: Reading in the Content Area, TE

Holt Anthology of Science Fiction

Holt Science Posters

Materials Ordering List from Science Kitģ

Technology Resources

    o Audio CD Program, English/Spanish
    o Interactive Explorations CD-ROM
    o Interactive Explorations Teacherís Guide
    o One-Stop Planner CD-ROM with Test Generator
    o Interactive Science Encyclopedia
    o CNN Presents Science in the News: Video Library
    o Science Discovery Videodisc Programs
    o Teaching Transparencies
    o Concept Mapping Transparencies

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