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Mapping Weather
Knowing the weather forecast can help you decide what to wear to school, but in severe weather it can help save lives and protect property. After learning how to read different types of weather symbols, use your new skills by filling out the activity worksheet.
Activity Worksheet
Download Activity Worksheet
Print this worksheet and fill it out as you visit the following Web sites. You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to access the worksheet.
Part 1: Reading Weather Maps
See how meteorologists locate high and low pressure areas by completing the exercise offered at this Web site.
Web site by NASA
Cold and Warm Fronts
Learn about fronts—masses of air that are either cold or warm. Find out about their differences and how they are drawn on a weather map.
Web site by: University of Illinois
Common Surface Symbols
Learn the symbols for drizzle, freezing weather, rain, and snow.
Web site by: University of Illinois
More Weather Symbols
Find out the symbols for fog, ice pellets, smog, tornadoes, and many more types of weather.
Web site by Institute of Global Environment and Society
Current Weather Conditions
Learn about weather conditions by reading maps. Click on each map to see the current weather conditions. Be sure to view the animated versions.
Web site by: University of Illinois
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