Living History: Castles and Palaces
Find out what it would be like to have a house with a moat, tower, and dungeon by visiting some of the ancient castles and palaces that are still in the Great Britain today.

Part 1: Visit some castles and palaces and take notes about your favorite one-when it was built, where it is, who has lived there, and some interesting information about it.

Part 2: Use your notes to make a postcard about one of the castles or palaces you explored.

Part 1: Why Were Castles Built?

The first castles in England were built by William the Conqueror after he invaded England in 1066 and became King William I. Early castles were built to help the king keep his power. Hereís how it worked: the king made his most loyal subjects lords, granted them vast estates, and let them build castles. In return, the lords controlled their lands, kept the local people working, and forced them to pay rent to the lord and to the king. Over the years, castles were built all over Great Britain and hundreds are still standing.
Visit a Castle
Alnwick Castle: Northumberland
Learn the history of the Alnwick castle and see modern-day photos.
Web site by Castlegate Web Design
Warwick Castle: Built in 1068
Explore the links to see dark dungeons, towers, and to learn about the people who lived and fought in this medieval castle.
Web site by: Warwick Castle
Palaces: Fit for a King and Queen

A palace is the official residence of a king or queen. Tour these links to explore Great Britainís palaces. Remember to take notes about your favorite one.
Buckingham Palace: The Changing of the Guard
Find out the reason for the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Click on Buckingham Palace to take a tour of the palace and its grounds.
Web site by: The British Monarchy
The Tower of London
Used as a palace, a prison, and a fort, the Tower of London has an amazing history.
Web site by: Knight International
Part 2: Send a Postcard Home
Have you taken notes about your favorite palace or castle? Your notes should tell when it was built, where it is located, who lived there, and some interesting information about it. If so, go on to Part 2 and send a postcard home!
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