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Causes of Change
Welcome to Holt Chemistry. This chapter describes thermodynamics and how it relates to heat, temperature, and enthalpy. Topics such as entropy and Gibbs energy are also discussed. Use the links below to find learning tools that will help you review the chapter and extend your study of matter.
Review and Practice
Reading Skills: K-W-L
This worksheet will help you organize your thoughts before and after you read the chapter or an article.
Calculating Your Caloric Needs
Click here to find a worksheet that will help you estimate your daily energy requirements.

Enrichment and Extension
Energy from the Ocean
Click here to access a page dealing with three types of energy found in the ocean.
Phase-Change Materials
Click here to learn how the energy released and absorbed during phase changes might be harnessed to heat and cool your home.
Technology Note: Solar Thermal Power Systems
Click here to discover how the energy of the sun might be used to generate power.
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