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Welcome! The resources at this Internet site correspond to your science textbook, Holt Science and Technology. Here you will find a host of resources to help you extend your study of your favorite topics, practice the more difficult ones, and twist your brain along the way! So whether you are looking for help QUICKLY! or wanting a little challenge, explore the resources available here. The labs, worksheets, guides, and links are sure to make your study of science and technology more rewarding.
To The Parent
A special message for parents of students using Holt Science and Technology.
Science Fair Guide for Students
Get ready for the science fair!
Science Fair Guide for Parents
This guide helps parents know how to get involved in the science fair process.
Science Skills Worksheets
Basic science skills are important no matter what topic you are studying. These worksheets can help you get ahead in your science class.
Math Skills Worksheets
You can use these worksheets to fine-tune your basic math skills and then apply them to solve specific science problems.
Science Puzzlers, Twisters & Teasers
Ready for a challenge?
Holt Anthology of Science Fiction Worksheets
Did you get it? Let these worksheets help you process and share what you read in these sometimes surprising science-fiction stories.
Long-Term Projects and Research Ideas
Take your studies of science a step further with these long-term projects and research ideas.
Reference Materials
Here you'll find handy science reference information at your fingertips.
NSTA SciLinks
Introducing SciLinks! Learn more about these useful, teacher-approved Internet links brought to you by the National Science Teachers Association.
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