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Welcome! This page of the HST Internet site provides another way to access Holt Science and Technology ancillary materials. Here you will find helpful background information about the different components of the program, information on lab safety, and ideas about how to get everyone ready for your school’s science fair. In addition, you will find links to lists of some of the other resources available to you. Please take a look around the site to familiarize yourself with the various resources at your disposal. Viva HST!

Program Description and Features
See what Holt Science and Technology has to offer your students.
Lab Safety Information
Before you hold laboratory sessions, be safe!
Science Fair Guide for Teachers
At last! A guide for helping you survive—and even enjoy—a science fair!
Worksheets and Labs
Check out this page for additional worksheets and lab activities available to your students and their families.
Professional Reference for Teachers
Find teaching hints and helpful advice from your colleagues in this handy reference.
NSTA News Digest
Keep up-to-date with the latest news from the world of science, brought to you by the National Science Teachers Association.
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