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Activity: A Cool Breeze
Experiment with your own prevailing winds.
Activity: Acids React!
What happens when an acidic food comes in contact with a penny? Find out by performing this activity.
Activity: Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble
How are volcanic eruptions, water, and honey related? Find the answer here.
Activity: Degree of Permeability
Is sand more permeable than soil? Perform a test and learn more.
Activity: Do the Wave
Make your own rope and ribbon waves to study the movement of water and deep-water waves.
Activity: Finding Directions with a Compass
Which direction does your home face? Find out while you learn to use a compass.
Activity: Floating Mountains
Explore what happens when the amount of crustal material loaded onto the lithosphere changes.
Activity: Full of "Hot Air"
Learn more about the behaviors of warm and cold air in this lab.
Activity:Modeling Seismic Waves
Create seismic waves in your own home.
Activity: Not All Thumbs!
Use your thumb to help you visualize the apparent shift in the position of the stars.
Activity: Out of Thin Air
Study condensation as it occurs (or fails to occur) on a plastic container.
Activity: Reaction to Stress
Learn more about the effect of pressure on the upper part of the mantle.
Activity: Scratch Test
Are your fingernails harder than copper? Learn more during this scratch test.
Activity: Staying in Focus
Create an ellipse, and study the importance of the position of the foci.
Activity: Stretching Out
Create your own image of a rock, and watch as your rock becomes metamorphic.
Activity: What's the Difference?
Which dissolves faster in water—a sugar cube or granulated sugar? Learn more during this lab.
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