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Cells: The Basic Units of Life
Welcome to Holt Science and Technology. In this chapter, you will learn about cells and their structures. Use the links below to find learning tools that will help you review the chapter and extend your study.
Review and Practice
Reading Skills: K-W-L
This worksheet will help you organize your thoughts before and after you read the chapter or an article.
Science Puzzlers, Twisters & Teasers: Cells: The Basic Unit of Life
If you are looking for challenging puzzles that use terms and concepts from the chapter, give this worksheet a try!
Math Skills for Science: What Is a Ratio?
Use ratios to compare numbers.
Math Skills for Science: Finding Perimeter and Area
Learn more about calculating perimeter and area here.
Math Skills for Science: Finding Volume
Volume is the amount of space that something occupies. Learn more here.
Quiz Yourself: The Basic Units of Life
Click here to test your knowledge of cells.
Enrichment and Extension
Internet Activity: Cell World
Use this activity to create a brochure describing the different parts of the cell. Pretend that you are encouranging others visit this cellular world. List interesting places to visit inside the cell and explain what makes each one so fascinating.
Long-Term Projects and Research Ideas: Ewe Again, Dolly?
Do you need ideas for long-term projects or research projects? Check out topics such as human cloning controversy, embryo development, organ transplants, and experimenting with freezer burn.
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