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Science Spectrum: A Physical Approach
Chapter 9: Work and Energy
Welcome to Science Spectrum: A Physical Approach. Chapter 9 describes work and energy, and discusses simple machines. Use the links below to find learning tools that will help you review the chapter and extend your study.
Review and Practice
Reading Skills: K-W-L
This worksheet will help you organize your thoughts before and after you read the chapter or an article.
Glossary: Chapter 9
Use this handy list of terms to help you understand the new vocabulary in this chapter.
Homework Help: Chapter 9 Study Guide
Select one of the sections listed below to review key skills and concepts from the chapter.
Pretest || Section 1 || Section 2 || Section 3 || Section 4 || Mixed Review

Math Skills
Mathematics lay at the heart of science. Click the link above to review some important skills from this chapter.
The Math of Science: Percentages
How do you compare to your classmates? Percentages may help give you an indication.
The Math of Science: Squares and Square Roots
Learn more about squares, square roots, and their uses.
Working with Scientific Equations and Formulas: Equations with Three Parts
While most equations you will encounter are made up of two parts, some equations have three. Learn how to work with three-part equations here.
Quiz Yourself: Work and Energy
Click here to test your knowledge of the material found in this chapter.
Teacher Notes

Enrichment and Extension
Online Research: SciLinks
Visit NSTA's SciLinks Web site, which links you to some of the most up-to-date science information on the Internet. When you get to the site, log in, and then enter a keyword for the topic you want to research. The topics and keywords for Chapter 9 are listed below.
TOPIC: Machines
SciLinks CODE: HK1091

TOPIC: Mechanical Advantage
SciLinks CODE: HK1092

TOPIC: Potential Energy
SciLinks CODE: HK1094

TOPIC: Kinetic Energy
SciLinks CODE: HK1095

TOPIC: Energy Transformations
SciLinks CODE: HK1096

TOPIC: Energy and Sports
SciLinks CODE: HK1097

Connection to Language Arts: The Concept of Energy
How did the current idea of energy develop? Learn the answer here.
Connection to Social Studies: The Pyramids
How was it possible 4,000 years ago to create a structure made of more than 2 million stone blocks, each of which had an average mass of about 2.5 tons? Find the answer here.
Integrating Biology: Muscles at Work
Learn about the three forms of exercise here.
Integrating Chemistry: Chemical Reactions
Study the different forms of energy.
Integrating Environmental Science: Understanding the Conservation of Energy
Explore the conservation of energy to help you understand the need for alternate sources of energy.
Integrating Technology: Batteries and Emerging Technology
What has resulted from advancements in battery technology?
Consumer Note: Recycling Codes for Plastics
Plastics must be separated by type before they can be recycled. Learn why here.
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