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Holt Physics
Chapter 3: Two-Dimensional Motion and Vectors
Welcome to Holt Physics. Chapter 3 describes scalar and vector quantities and projectile motion. Use the links below to find learning tools that will help you review the chapter and extend your study of two-dimensional motion and vectors.
Review and Practice
Reading Skills: K-W-L
This worksheet will help you organize your thoughts before and after you read the chapter or an article.
Glossary of Terms: Chapter 3
Use this handy glossary to enhance your proficiency with the terms found in this chapter.
Homework Help: Chapter 3 Study Guide
Select one of the sections listed below to review key skills and concepts from the chapter.
Section 1 || Section 2 || Section 3 || Section 4 || Mixed Review

Practice Problems: Chapter 3
Select one of the topics listed below to practice using the concepts found in this chapter.
Finding Resultant Magnitude and Direction
Resolving Vectors
Adding Vectors Algebraically
Projectiles Launched Horizontally
Projectiles Launched at an Angle
Relative Velocity

Quiz Yourself: Two-Dimensional Motion and Vectors
Click here to test your knowledge of two-dimensional motion and vectors.
Teacher Notes

Enrichment and Extension
Online Research: SciLinks
Visit NSTA's SciLinks Web site, which links you to some of the most up-to-date science information on the Internet. When you get to the site, log in, and then enter a keyword for the topic you want to research. The topics and keywords for Chapter 3 are listed below.
TOPIC: Vectors
SciLinks CODE: HF2031

TOPIC: Projectile motion
SciLinks CODE: HF2032

TOPIC: Speed of Light
SciLinks CODE: HF2033

Integrating Mathematics: Jesse Owens in the 100 Meter Dash
Make a graph and analyze the speed of a sprinter in the 100 m dash.
Integrating Mathematics: Using Quantitative Statements to Solve Problems
Translate between words and symbols to solve problems in physics.
Integrating Mathematics: Using Comparisons to Understand Space Statistics
Compare other planets to Earth to find out how big they really are.
Real World Applications: Hiking in Yellowstone
Use Naismith’s rule to determine how changing altitude affects the travel time of hikers.
Career: Experimental Physicist
Learn about the life of an experimental physicist, and get tips on how to find out whether a career in physics is right for you!
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