Call to Freedom

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Chapter 1
The World Before the Opening of the Atlantic

Chapter 2
New Empires in the Americas

Chapter 3

The English Colonies

Chapter 4
Life in the English Colonies

Chapter 5
Conflicts in the Colonies

Chapter 6
The American Revolution

Chapter 7

Forming a Government

Chapter 8

Citizenship and the Constitution

Chapter 9
Launching the Nation

Chapter 10
The Expanding Nation

Chapter 11
A New National Identity

Chapter 12
The North and the South

Chapter 13
New Movements in America

Chapter 14

Westward Expansion and War

Chapter 15

A Divided Nation

Chapter 16

The Civil War

Chapter 17

Chapter 18
The West

Chapter 19
Industrial and Urban Nation

Chapter 20

The Spirit of Reform

Chapter 21

America as a World Power

Chapter 22

World War I

Chapter 23
The Roaring Twenties

Chapter 24

The Great Depression

Chapter 25

World War II

Chapter 26

The Cold War Begins

Chapter 27

Peace and Prosperity

Chapter 28

A Time of Change

Chapter 29

War in Vietnam

Chapter 30

A Search for Order

Chapter 31

America Looks to the Future