American Nation in the Modern Era

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Chapter 1

Prologue: The New Nation

Chapter 2

The Expanding Nation

Chapter 3

The Civil War

Chapter 4

Reconstruction and the New South

Chapter 5

The Western Crossroads

Chapter 6

The Second Industrial Revolution

Chapter 7

The Transformation of American Society

Chapter 8

Politics in the Gilded Age

Chapter 9

The Age of Reform

Chapter 10

Progressive Politicians

Chapter 11

America and the World

Chapter 12

World War I

Chapter 13

A Turbulent Decade

Chapter 14

The Jazz Age

Chapter 15

The Great Depression

Chapter 16

The New Deal

Chapter 17

The Road to War

Chapter 18

Americans in World War II

Chapter 19

The Cold War

Chapter 20

Society After World War II

Chapter 21

The New Frontier and the Great Society

Chapter 22

The Civil Rights Movement

Chapter 23

Struggles for Change

Chapter 24

War in Vietnam

Chapter 25

From Nixon to Carter

Chapter 26

The Republican Revolution

Chapter 27

Launching the New Millennium