American Government

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Chapter 1

Role of Government

Chapter 2

Origins of U.S. Government

Chapter 3

The U.S. Constitution

Chapter 4


Chapter 5

Role and Powers of Congress

Chapter 6

Congress at Work

Chapter 7

The Presidency

Chapter 8

Executive Branch at Work

Chapter 9

Economic Policy

Chapter 10

Foreign Policy and National Security

Chapter 11

The Federal Court System

Chapter 12

The U.S. Legal System

Chapter 13

Fundamental Freedoms

Chapter 14

Assuring Individual Rights

Chapter 15

Protecting Civil Rights

Chapter 16

Public Opinion

Chapter 17

Interest Groups

Chapter 18

Political Parties

Chapter 19

The Electoral Process

Chapter 20

State Government

Chapter 21

Local Government

Chapter 22

Comparing Political and Economic Systems

Chapter 23

International Relations