Call to Freedom 1865 to Present

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Chapter 1

The Founding of the Nation

Chapter 2

Citizenship and the Constitution

Chapter 3
The Nation Expands

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
The West

Chapter 6

An Industrial Nation

Chapter 7

Immigrants and Cities

Chapter 8

The Spirit of Reform

Chapter 9

The Progressive Presidents

Chapter 10

America as a World Power

Chapter 11

World War I

Chapter 12

The 1920s: An Unsettled Decade

Chapter 13

The Roaring Twenties

Chapter 14

The Great Depression

Chapter 15

The Depression at Home and Abroad

Chapter 16

World War II

Chapter 17

The Cold War Begins

Chapter 18

Peace and Prosperity

Chapter 19

The Sixties

Chapter 20

The Search for Equal Rights

Chapter 21
War in Vietnam

Chapter 22

A Search for Order

Chapter 23

The Republican Years

Chapter 24

The United States Looks to the Future