Call to Freedom

Beginnings to 1877

Chapter 1
The World Before the Opening of the Atlantic

Chapter 2
The Age of Exploration

Chapter 3
New Empires in the Americas

Chapter 4

The English Colonies

Chapter 5
Life in the English Colonies

Chapter 6
Conflict in the Colonies

Chapter 7
The American Revolution

Chapter 8

Forming a Government

Chapter 9

Citizenship and the Constitution

Chapter 10
Launching the Nation

Chapter 11
The Expanding Nation

Chapter 12
A New National Identity

Chapter 13
Industrial Growth in the North

Chapter 14
Agricultural Changes in the South

Chapter 15
Movements in America

Chapter 16

Expanding West

Chapter 17

Manifest Destiny and War

Chapter 18

A Divided Nation

Chapter 19

The Civil War

Chapter 20

Chapter 21
The West

Modern America