Nationalism and Economic Growth

Indian Removal

Activity: Research the circumstances, people, and effects of Andrew Jackson's indian removal policy. Then prepare an oral report to present your research. You should include visual aids, maps, or charts in your report.

Holt Researcher Resources

Act of Congress: Indian Removal Act

Biography: Andrew Jackson

Supreme Court Case: Worcester v. Georgia

Research Web Sites

  Indian Removal – 1831 to 1865
Visit this PBS site for an article on the American Indian removal and resettlement of the mid-1800s.
  Indian Removal: Extract from Andrew Jackson's Seventh Annual Message to Congress
Read an extract from Andrew Jackson’s seventh annual message to Congress regarding the resettlement and removal of American Indians.
  1830 Indian Removal Debate in Congress
Read two speeches given about the 1830 Indian Removal Act on this site.
  Mobilizing Women: The Struggle Against the Indian Removal Act of 1830
Read part of an article that outlines the women’s movement protesting the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The proposed law generated mass opposition that created new forms of political protest and nearly defeated the bill. Young people flocked to the campaign. Some opponents defied state removal measures and went to prison in protest. To defeat removal, women created their first national petition drive, which drew many otherwise traditional women into public political activity.

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