Weather and Climate
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Section 3: Climate and Vegetation Patterns

  Koppen Climate Classification
Climate categories based on annual and monthly averages of temperature and precipitation. This site starts by locating and describing climate zones.
An introduction to forests. This site presents three forest types: tropical, temperate, and boreal (taiga), all of which are rapidly disappearing.
  Major Biomes of the World
A comprehensive discussion of biomes. This site features sections on boreal or taiga, temperate broadleaf deciduous, and tropical broadleaf evergreen forests.
  Types of Deserts
A classification of deserts by location and weather pattern. This site introduces coastal, midlatitude, monsoon, polar, rain shadow, and trade wind deserts. The site includes satellite images of each desert type.
  Welcome to the Sahara
Visit this site to learn about the great Saharan desert. Click through the site to discover information and photos on the wildlife of the Sahara, the geography or the desert, the people of the Sahara, and notes from adventures who had traveled through the desert.
  Greenness Maps
A Shockwave sequence of images illustrating the seasonal changes to plant life in the United States in 1995.
  Snapshots in Time
Photo images of changes in vegetation at Mount St. Helens from 1980 to today. This site illustrates plant succession. Choose from three environments: alpine, water, and forest to see views from before and after the eruption.
  Holdridge Life Zones: Climate and Vegetation Types:
A site that shows the world under current so-called normal climate conditions. Click on Double CO2 and see how the life zones change under the new conditions. Click on Before or After and see only the changes.
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