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The Founding of Israel

Activity: Conduct research on the founding of Israel. Then create an illustrated time line that traces the major events leading to the formation of the state of Israel. Include information on the reasons Israel was founded, international support for its founding, the national origins of immigrants to Israel, and the reactions to Palestinian Arabs.

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Biography: Golda Meir  David

HRW Atlas: Israel

Map: Israel, 1948

Research Web Sites

  Historical Background
Learn some of the historical and political background of the United States’ involvement in the founding of Israel.
  Israel in Maps
Explore the history of Israel through maps of the area from 1000 B.C. to the present day.
  Primary Source: Declaration of Israel's Independence, May 14, 1948
The full text of the document is featured.

Israel Today
  Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The official Web site of the Israeli government. A News Flash section has the latest news on the conflict in the Middle East.
  Middle East Backgrounder
An interactive backgrounder featuring recent stories, lesson plans, and analysis on the Middle East.
  The Mideast: A Century of Conflict
A six part series on the ebb and flow of conflict in the Middle East. The series covers the beginnings of the Zionist movement, the independence of Israel, the rise of the P.L.O., and the current conflicts in the region. Audio, maps, and biographies are also featured.
  The Battle for the Holy Land
Time lines, analysis of the cycles of violence in the Middle East, and profiles of the combatants are provided in this Web site by the PBS television show Frontline.

More Information on Israel and Palestine

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