Holt Social Studies World History

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Unit 1: Early Human Societies

Chapter 1: Uncovering the Past
Chapter 2: The Stone Ages and Early Cultures

Unit 2: Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Kush

Chapter 3: Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent
Chapter 4: Ancient Egypt and Kush

Unit 3: Civilizations in India and China

Chapter 5: Ancient India
Chapter 6: Ancient China

Unit 4: Foundations of Western Ideas

Chapter 7: The Hebrews and Judaism
Chapter 8: Ancient Greece
Chapter 9: The Greek World

Unit 5: The Roman World

Chapter 10: The Roman Republic
Chapter 11: Rome and Christianity

Unit 6: Islamic and African Civilizations

Chapter 12: The Islamic World
Chapter 13: Early African Civilizations

Unit 7: Empires of Asia and the Americas

Chapter 14: China
Chapter 15: Japan
Chapter 16: The Early Americas

Unit 8: Renewal in Europe

Chapter 17: The Early Middle Ages
Chapter 18: The Later Middle Ages
Chapter 19: The Renaissance and Reformation

Unit 9: The Early Modern World

Chapter 20: Science and Exploration
Chapter 21: Enlightenment and Revolution

Unit 10: The Modern World

Chapter 22: Revolutions and Nations
Chapter 23: Global Challenges