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World History

1. The World: Political
2. The World: Physical
3. The United States and Canada: Political
4. The United States and Canada: Physical
5. The United States: Physical-Political
6. Canada: Physical-Political
7. Middle and South America: Political
8. Middle and South America: Physical
9. Mexico: Physical-Political
10. Central America and the Caribbean: Physical-Political
11. South America: Physical-Political
12. Europe: Political
13. Europe: Physical
14. Northern and Western Europe: Physical-Political
15. Central Europe: Physical-Political
16. Southern Europe and the Balkans: Physical-Political
17. Russia and Northern Eurasia: Political
18. Russia and Northern Eurasia: Physical
19. Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus: Physical-Political
20. Central Asia: Physical-Political
21. Southwest Asia: Political
22. Southwest Asia: Physical
23. The Persian Gulf and Interior: Physical-Political
24. The Eastern Mediterranean: Physical-Political
25. Africa: Political
26. Africa: Physical
27. North Africa: Physical-Political
28. West and Central Africa: Physical-Political
29. East Africa: Physical-Political
30. Southern Africa: Physical-Political
31. India: Physical-Political
32. The Indian Perimeter: Physical-Political
33. East and Southeast Asia: Political
34. East and Southeast Asia: Physical
35. China, Mongolia, and Taiwan: Physical-Political
36. Japan and The Koreas: Physical-Political
37. Mainland Southeast Asia: Physical-Political
38. Island Southeast Asia: Physical-Political
39. Australia and New Zealand: Physical-Political
40. The Pacific Islands: Physical-Political