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Chapter 1

We the People

Chapter 2

Foundations of Government

Chapter 3

The U.S. Constitution

Chapter 4

Rights and Responsibilities

Chapter 5

The Legislative Branch

Chapter 6

The Executive Branch

Chapter 7

The Judicial Branch

Chapter 8

State Government

Chapter 9
Local Government

Chapter 10
Electing Leaders

Chapter 11

The Political System

Chapter 12

Paying for Government

Chapter 13

Citizenship and the Family

Chapter 14

Citizenship in School

Chapter 15

Citizenship in the Community

Chapter 16

Citizenship and the Law

Chapter 17

The Economic System

Chapter 18

Goods and Services

Chapter 19

Managing Money

Chapter 20

Economic Challenges

Chapter 21

The U.S. Economy and the World

Chapter 22

Career Choices

Chapter 23

Foreign Policy

Chapter 24

Charting a Course

Chapter 25

Improving Life for All Americans

Chapter 26

The Global Environment