Holt, Rinehart, and Winston

United States History:
Beginnings to 1877

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Unit 1: Connecting with the Past: Our Colonial Heritage, Beginnings to 1783

Chapter 1: The World before the Opening of the Atlantic
Chapter 2: New Empires in the Americas
Chapter 3: The English Colonies
Chapter 4: The American Revolution

Unit 2: A New Nation, 1777-1799

Chapter 5: Forming a Government
Chapter 6:
Citizenship and the Constitution
Chapter 7:
Launching the Nation

Unit 3: The New Republic, 1800-1860

Chapter 8: The Jefferson Era
Chapter 9: A New National Identity
Chapter 10: The Age of Jackson
Chapter 11: Expanding West

Unit 4: The Nation Expands, 1790-1860

Chapter 12: The North
Chapter 13: The South
Chapter 14: New Movements in America
Chapter 15: A Divided Nation

Unit 5: The Nation Breaks Apart, 1861-1877

Chapter 16: The Civil War
Chapter 17: Reconstruction

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