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Conflict in the Persian Gulf

Conflict in the Persian Gulf

Operation Desert Storm

Operation Desert Storm, 1991
Learn about the ways in which the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88) caused the invasion of Kuwait, how Operation Desert Storm smashed Iraq's armies, the unique role played by technology, and about the UN Security Council resolutions imposed on Iraq.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003
Understand the causes and effects of the present war with Iraq.

War and Daily Life
Track the impact of war on the economy, the soldiers, and the civilians back on the homefront.

Web Resources
Browse Internet resources related to Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Connect to Geography
World Geography Today Internet activities on Islamic culture, oil production, and desalination technology.

The Axis of Evil
What is it? Which countries are included in it? Learn more about it here.

The War on Terrorism
American soldiers have already fought terror in Afghanistan and the Phillipines. Review the main events in the Afghan and Filipino theaters of the war on terrorism.

Understanding North Korea
North Korea may be more dangerous in some ways than Iraq. Understand the Cold War roots of the conflict with North Korea.
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