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   The IPC Solution for Texas!

Get incoming high school students on the right track with Holt Science Spectrum: A Physical Approach. This program, developed with Texas students in mind, integrates physics and chemistry concepts with math and reading skill development. The Holt Science Spectrum program helps students develop the skills they will need to succeed in future science courses.

  Take on a new approach to science with...

  • supplemental workbooks and guides that zone in on reading and math skills.
  • references to TEKS throughout the Texas Teacher's Edition and TAAS skill development in the TAAS Practice Workbook.
  • extensive in-text lab activities and supplemental lab books that integrate science concepts with hands-on learning.
  • the latest technological innovations such as the Holt Physical Science Interactive Tutor CD-ROM, the Texas One-Stop Planner CD-ROM with Test Generator and the Guided Reading Audio CD Program.

Keep science up to date with Internet resources.
  • developed and maintained by NSTA, links you to additional information on specific textbook topics.

  • (Try it for yourself—keyword HSTL555)
  • links you to interactive exhibits, classroom activities, and more from the Smithsonian Institution.
  • offers additional chapter resources and quizzes
    (Try it for yourself—keyword HSTCEL).