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After over 80 years in chemistry classrooms across the country, Modern Chemistry has become a stable element in the chemistry curriculum. A theory-driven text, Modern Chemistry remains the program of choice for teachers who strive to instill in students a solid and thorough understanding of the subject. And with its accessible style, updated content, and expanded resources, the new edition presents the fundamentals of chemistry in appealing new ways that continue to make it one of the most substantive programs of its kind.

Creating Cutting-Edge Classics with...

  • features that promote student understanding by presenting chemistry fundamentals in new and appealing ways—includes Great Discoveries, Chemical Commentary, Desktop Investigations, and more.
  • student CD-ROMs like The Holt ChemFile Interactive Tutor—containing instructional video clips, tutorials, and interactive student practice.
  • a time saving, all-in-one planning tool, containing everything you need on one disc—The One Stop Planner CD-ROM with Test Generator.

Keep science up to date with Internet resources.

  • developed and maintained by NSTA, links you to additional information on specific textbook topics.
  • links you to interactive exhibits, classroom activities, and more from the Smithsonian Institution.
  • offers additional chapter resources.


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