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  Once you've written your text, chosen your page layout, and picked your multimedia elements, you're ready to assemble your presentation and get ready to show it to your audience.

Review, revise, and rearrange.
When you finish each screen in your presentation, take time to look over your work. Once you see how all the elements look onscreen, you may want to experiment with different layouts. Rearrange the elements as many times as you need to until you're happy with it.

Test yourself. Once you've assembled the entire presentation, play it through from beginning to end several times. Check for technical errors, but also see how the individual screens work when you see them in sequence. Try to imagine what you'd think as a first-time viewer.

Make a dry run. Before you show your presentation to your audience, have a friend or teacher go through it from beginning to end. Watch how they respond to the presentation, and ask for ways you might improve it.

Submit it to us! Ready to show your presentation to the world? Submit it to the Student Media Gallery, and you might see it published on this site.

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