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Country (long form) Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Capital Colombo
note: Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is the legislative capital
Total Area 25,332.16 sq mi
65,610.00 sq km
(slightly larger than West Virginia)
Population 19,408,635 (July 2001 est.)
note: since the outbreak of hostilities between the government and armed Tamil separatists in the mid-1980s, several hundred thousand Tamil civilians have fled the island; as of mid-1999, approximately 66,000 were housed in 133 refugee camps in south India, another 40,000 lived outside the Indian camps, and more than 200,000 Tamils have sought refuge in the West
Estimated Population in 2050 23,085,782
Languages Sinhala (official and national language) 74%, Tamil (national language) 18%, other 8%
note: English is commonly used in government and is spoken competently by about 10% of the population
Literacy 90.2% total, 93.4% male, 87.2% female (1995 est.)
Religions Buddhist 70%, Hindu 15%, Christian 8%, Muslim 7% (1999)
Life Expectancy 69.58 male, 74.73 female (2001 est.)
Government Type republic
Currency 1 Sri Lankan rupee (SLRe) = 100 cents
GDP (per capita) $3,250 (2000 est.)
Industry processing of rubber, tea, coconuts, and other agricultural commodities; clothing, cement, petroleum refining, textiles, tobacco
Agriculture rice, sugarcane, grains, pulses, oilseed, spices, tea, rubber, coconuts; milk, eggs, hides, beef
Arable Land 14%
Natural Resources limestone, graphite, mineral sands, gems, phosphates, clay, hydropower


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